Bathhouse ritual

Relax, rejuvenate and replenish your energy from nature in a traditional ritual offered by the bathhouse at Rumene Manor, Hotel Bergs’ private countryside residence, located in the heart of Kurzeme near the medieval town of Kandava. 

The Rumene bathhouse, located in a secluded area, separate from the main manor ensemble, allows guests undisturbed relaxation, while enjoying the magic of the ritual and the charm of the lake.

Bathhouse ritual for 2 persons, 3h – EUR 225.00*
*Every additional hour - EUR 75.00.

Latvian bathhouse ritual includes 2 warming and 1 main bathhouse ritual:

  • Welcome in the bathhouse with the presentation of the space and a short introduction;
  • Enjoying the local herbal teas while warming your feet in a warm herbal water (this bowl with the warm water can be used during the rest time as well);
  • Enjoying the bathhouse where guest are warmed up by adding some steam and light warm air flows, followed by a rest;
  • Enjoying the bathhouse where guests are warmed up with mild birch broom massages and compresses (pressing the heated birch brooms on certain spots of your body), followed by a rest;
  • Individual bathhouse ritual with a relaxing swim in the pool, followed by a rest outside on the lounge chair tugged into warm blankets. 

Additionally bathouse ritual can be enhanced with:

  • Full body scrub;
  • Relaxing bathhouse ritual. The muscles and joints are heated with warm birch brooms. The bathhouse master is paying attention the most problematic spots of your body, if there are any. This procedure is a final touch after the rich individual bathhouse ritual after which the guests are welcome to enjoy relaxing moments outside on the terrace overlooking the lake. 

For reservations, please call: +371 67770960 or e-mail: