Traditional Latvian sauna ritual

Relax, rejuvenate and replenish your energy with nature’s power in a traditional, yet luxurious, sauna ritual at Rumene Manor. 

The charming sauna house is located in a secluded area of the estate at the far end of the manor’s private lake.

Bathhouse ritual for one or two persons, 3h – 290 EUR
Every additional hour - 75 EUR

Latvian bathhouse ritual includes these steps:

  • Welcome and introduction;
  • Herbal tea service;
  • Warm-up sauna: some steam and light warm air flows, followed by a break in the relaxation room;
  • Main procedure: Mild birch broom massages and compresses (pressing the heated birch brooms on certain spots of your body), followed by a break;
  • Dips in the lake or hot tub, followed by a rest outside on the lounge chair wrapped into warm blankets. 

Additionally, bathhouse ritual can be enhanced with:

  • Full body scrub and feet warming in warm herbal water (additional 1h).

For reservations, please e-mail