During your stay at Rumene Manor, we offer a variety of activities onsite at manor and in the region around. We will be pleased to organize any activity on your request!

For enjoyment during your stay at Rumene Manor:

  • Play a board game from the manor’s collection in library, or play table tennis and Latvian national board game Novuss in the manor’s games room;
  • To entertain yourself with game in Billiard`s Hall;
  • Explore a gently croquet game, a precise Italian Bocce Ball game or a golf play in serene atmosphere of Manor’s park;
  • Take a leisurely walk along the Rumene Lake under the canopy of old oak trees;
  • Watch and listen untouched nature sitting on the park benches;
  • Enjoy a boating with rowing boat in the Rumene Lake;
  • Stroll through beautiful hiking trail around the lake;
  • Swim and fish from the shore or from a boat in the lake;
  • Explore the surrounding area around Rumene Manor by bicycle;
  • Gather around a warm campfire with colleagues, clients or partners, and if you have enough fish from your daily catch to make a full meal, cook them on the campfire.

For an additional fee we are honoured to offer a variety of services for your specific choices:

  • Explore cooking courses headed by the chef;
  • Discover wine tasting in the Manor’s wine cellar;
  • Enjoy a musical presentation in the Ball Hall;
  • Take part in porcelain painting classes headed by a master at the art;
  • Paint on an easel in the Manor’s park;
  • Experience thrilling deer and wild boar hunting in the nearby hunting reserve;
  • Experience mind and body sedative ritual in sauna and relaxing massage in our traditional bath-house;
  • An exclusive hunt at Rumene Manor.

Activities near Rumene Manor