The Estate

The Neo-Gothic manor house (Kungu māja) at the Rūmene Manor was designed by architect Teodors Zeilers and built in 1876, at a time when this architectural style became popular throughout Europe. Latvian architect Zaiga Gaile led the reconstruction of the Rūmene manor house, adding modern amenities to the property and garnering the Latvian Association of Architects award for Best Reconstruction Project in 2008. The manor house has been reconstructed with utmost respect for its history but also contains elements of contemporary art.

The Rūmene Manor concept corresponds with the internationally recognised categories of resort and executive retreat. Hence, the numerous opportunities for recreation, as well as corporate meetings and events with full-service facilities are aimed at clients who appreciate rural elegance and value the privacy provided by the manor.

The Rūmene Manor is surrounded by an extensive park covering nearly eight hectares. The park has been restored along with the manor buildings and contains some of the 364 original rare tree specimens, as well as an orchard and quaint gravel roads, as is typical in this type of rural landscape.

The Manor House offers five quiet, private apartments, the largest of which occupies two storeys, with access to a spacious terrace and a splendid view of the park and lake. Two additional two-storey apartments are located on the second floor of the house, while two more secluded, romantic one-room apartments are located on the third floor.

The Stable has five two-storey apartments, each furnished and decorated in a light, airy style, and each with a separate entrance through a small garden.

The Garden House features four comfortable double occupancy apartments and a terrace facing the park.

Carriage House  is perfect for private or corporate events  with a full service and up to date equipment in it’s conference room.

Rumene Manor’s newly renovated Art & Event Barn, with its 3000 sqm, includes several halls for exhibitions, concerts, conferences, private and public celebrations. Originally built in 1913, its bold new contemporary design by renowned Latvian architect Zaiga Gaile is breathtaking, but also seamlessly blends with its picture-perfect surroundings.    

The Rūmene Manor has several common rooms available for celebrations. Each space has a slightly different atmosphere, allowing guests to choose the most appropriate for their particular event.

The Rūmene Manor is located in a very beautiful corner of the world. The nearby Abava River Valley is often called the Switzerland of Latvia. A drive along the smaller country roads offers exquisite views of blooming meadows, fields of grain and forests. The nearby town of Sabile boasts the world's northernmost vineyard, which has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The bustling port cities of Liepāja and Ventspils on the Baltic Sea are a mere two-hour drive from the Rūmene Manor. Also worthy of exploration are the region's extensive white sandy beaches and small fishing villages that offer freshly smoked fish.

 Rumene Manor has won the nomination in category as the Best Country House Hotel in the American Airlines’ Celebrated Living magazine’s 2019 Platinum List Awards.