Latvia is one of the richest European countries in forest - 56 % of the country’s territory. With natural beauty, large forest massifs, picturesque lakes, plenty of game animals and many different bird species in forests, bogs, and near lakes – Latvia is the perfect choice for hunting. Hunting could be a profession, a sport, leisure pastime or a way of life. Every hunt is memorable – you will never have a hunting experience that equals another. Whether you bring home the Latvias’ biggest moose or the leanest duck, you will surely have a story to tell.

Hunters have opportunity to hunt animals, which are in large numbers in Latvia, but are protected and not hunt elsewhere. Forests are home to large populations of deer, wild boar, beaver, lynx, wolf and moose, which can provide many delicious meals and some impressive trophies such as moose and red deer antlers, wild boar tusks and lynx furs. The hunting season is from April 1 till March 31 of the following year. The peak of the season is between October 1 and January 31, when most of the limited game is harvested. The most enjoyable time for stand and still hunting is during summer.

Rumene Manoris an ideal place for gatherings of hunters. Rumene Manor is an elegant 19th century Neo-Gothic gemstone, surrounded by a 7 hectare landscaped park nestled at the shore of its own Rumene Lake. Oak, dolomite, lots of light, antique furniture and the most modern technologies built in the ancient vaulting in a subtle way. Sheer luxury, calm and intimate retreat, gourmet cuisine, attentive service, endless quality, relaxed ambience and exclusive use of manor creates an extraordinary experience.

A large private hunting preserve is located in the immediate vicinity of Rumene Manor. Beyond it are extensive public forests teeming with wildlife and well equipped with watchtowers. Beating, stand and still hunting can all be easily arranged. Delicious breakfast can be served before sunrise and hot soup - at the hunting ground on the spot. After the thrilling hunting enjoy a gourmet dinner served in beautiful Dining room, sit in front of a magnificent fireplace drinking fine wine and smoking cigars in Library, roast whole hog in fireplace of open kitchen or relaxin the Sauna telling hunter stories or strategies for the next days' hunt before retiring in Master Suite. A perfect end to a perfect day!

It is our pleasure to handle all the aspects of planning your hunting tour. We will assist with all the important details from preparation of hunting documents to trophies shipping to your destination allowing you to enjoy hunting tour and Rumene Manor by yourself, knowing that everything is taken care of. We go above and beyond the norm so our hunting tour deliver exactly what our clients want and so much more than they expect.

Every hunting tour at Rumene Manor is different and unique, so we would be honoured to make you an individual offer based on your special requests. Please see attached information of hunting. Enjoy these unique experiences with us, you might be amazed.