While continuing to improve the manor’s complex, in the spring of 2015 we have opened a private 4-hole golf course with a possibility to play a 9-hole game for the demanding needs of our guests. Rumene Manor’s golf course was projected and is annually supervised by the Latvia’s best golf course “Ozo Golf Club” head-greenkeeper Martins Sternbergs.

Adding the existing terrain with hummocks, hollows and comparatively deep sand bunkers, golf course architecture wonderfully adds and fits in the surrounding landscape.

The game of golf is made more interesting and challenging thanks to 4 average size greens each with different and diverse terrains. The shortest (PAR 3) hole is only 64 metres long, however the elevated green and the sand trap on the right side from the player, requires a highly precise shot. The longest hole (PAR 5) is 423 metres long providing extended and interesting shot where a wood will be an inalienable part of the game.

Local game rules:

  • Movable obstructions (Rule 24-1) all distance markers, water hazard stakes and stones in bunkers;
  • Trees with mulch around are immovable obstructions and should be played under Rule 24-2;
  • Yellow stakes – water hazard;
  • Red stakes – lateral water hazard;
  • White stakes – out of bound;
  • Blue stakes – ground under repair.
  • Distances shown until centre of the green.
  • Winter rules apply.


  • Price per game with personal equipment - € 25.00
  • Price per game with rental equipment - € 35.00

N.B. Golf course is accessible to the Green Card holders considering the classic etiquette of the game of golf.