Seasonal Restaurant Café Rūmene

The Restaurant Bergs at Rumene is offering a traditional cuisine while adding a modern twist to traditional tastings through a truly unique gastronomic experience. In the summer season, we will deliver these qualities within our charming countryside environment in our seasonal restaurant "Café Rūmene."

It will be our pleasure to submit suggestions for the menu of meals, which will be specifically designed for you; a custom menu which suits your taste according to your desires.

Seasonal restaurant Café Rūmene menu 2017

Seasonal restaurant "Café Rūmene" working hours from May1 till September 30, 2017:
Spring / Summer season    
12:00 - 21:00 from Thursday till Sunday

Due to private event "Café Rūmene" is closed:
September 23rd

For reservations or any other inquiries please call: +371 2 6688000